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The Lost Knowledge of the Imagination

Where has the imagination gone

In an age where children’s imagination is delivered through computer games, social media and the internet, I wanted to produce a body of work that explores the world of story telling by creating images from my own imagination. As a child my own adventures would be played out between my brother and I for days on end and Action Man was always the conduit for these adventures. A lot of the images have been photographed on location in the UK, France and Belgium whilst others have been created in a studio environment. Props have been built from card; and paint, glue and sticky tape have been a staple diet in helping to create these scenes. It was also important in an age where the barriers of gender are thankfully disappearing that Action Girl was also represented as an equal adventurer. I hope these photographs re-ignite your own imagination and you create your won stories behind them.

It was the artist Pablo Picasso who said:- ‘All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up’.